Geologic and Hydrogeologic Investigation


Environmental awareness and concern to protect the quality of our groundwater has caused municipal, state, and federal agencies to require hydrogeological studies to be performed as part of the land development approval process.  EME is the consultant of choice for geological and hydrogeological services.


We proudly offer a comprehensive spectrum of geologic and hydrogeologic services.

  Services Include:  
    Water Supply Testing and Development  
    Fracture Trace Analysis and Geophysical Survey Techniques  
    Well Design and Wellhead Protection  
    Well Rehabilitation  
    Water Budgets and Groundwater Recharge Studies  
    Hydrogeological Studies for Land-Based Wastewater Disposal  
    Wetland Hydrogeological Characterization for Endangered Species Protection  
    Contaminant Source Investigation and Fate and Transport Modeling  
    Vadose and Aquifer Testing and Classification  
    PADEP Act 2 Land Recycling Program Studies  
    Sinkhole Remediation  


Dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to your environmental needs.


18 Nov 2013



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