Water Supply Development: Planning and Design


For many years, the combined application of hydrogeology and engineering has been applied to water resource management to effectively address both the existing and proposed use of available water supplies.  The science of hydrogeology is a comprehensive look at the geology of a given area, and existing and proposed water utilization to assess water quality and water budget impacts.  This science assists federal, state, and local agencies in ultimate land use planning determines for the given area.


In the past, these management techniques were applied on a regional level primarily by large public water suppliers, municipalities, and industry.  Recently due to environmental awareness, hydrogeological studies are being required more and more on the local level for land use planning and development.

  Services Include:  
    Source Development  
    Well citing by fracture trace analysis techniques  
    Well design  
    Aquifer testing and analysis  
    Well rehabilitation  
    Source management for optimum utilization  
    Water supply feasibility evaluation  
    Water budget compilation  
    Long range zoning and planning  
    Facilities evaluations  
    Surface water evaluations  
    Design and Construction  
    Pumping facilities design and water treatment  
    Water supply filtration  
    Design and replacement of transmission and distribution system planning  
    Plan and specification preparation  
    Bidding and contract administration assistance  
    Operations and Start-Up Services  
    Preparation of operations, maintenance, and drought contingency plans  
    Training of operating personnel  
    Pumping and treatment facilities start-up  


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18 Nov 2013



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